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The only Business Center of reference in Barcelona

Welcome to Qdoor! The only Business Center of reference in Barcelona, focused on businessmen and professionals who wish to work in an intimate, elegant and exclusive environment. Together with the best benefits, this allows our tenants to develop their projects with the greatest efficiency and effectiveness, offering the best image of consolidation in the market and of trust towards their clients.

Of family origin, located in a modernist estate owned by a family of businessmen and passed on until today, the 4th generation. The director and founding partner, in love with her native Barcelona, has wanted to adapt it while maintaining its architectural origin so that, together with the most modern and up-to-date technologies, it can be made available to other businessmen and professionals to optimize their respective businesses.


Always in search of excellence, Qdoor is synonymous of a well done job, designed and decorated with great care, sophistication and warmth, always from the admiration and desire for maximum conservation of its architectural beauty, going one step further in this concept. innovative business center and imported coworking spaces that are gaining more and more acceptance in today’s business and labor world, creating a unique and different space.

Qdoor is an intimate and special workplace, located in the heart of Barcelona’s Quadrat d’Or, the financial, economic, luxury shopping and modernist nerve center of Barcelona.

“Precisely from its prime location, the Quadrat d’Or in Barcelona, is where the name Qdoor comes from, and where the family has been inspired to renovate the spaces and transform them, since 2019, into a unique space with 2 floors of a total of 450m2 with 12 exclusive offices and resulting in a perfect mix between tradition and modernity.”

Mar Viver, Qdoor director

Qdoor Team